The on-goings in Gok State needs some national intervention. We are privy to information that the on-going arrest of politicians and their cronies came about after the inter-communal fight which left over 59 people dead. It took the effort of a senior politician, Daniel Awet Akot, the Military Adviser to the President to sound order and reasons for all those involved to be arrested. The information from the ground which has been confirmed by Gok State Government is that those being arrested were behind or deeply involved in the planning, supporting and carrying out the skirmishes. If this turns out to be true then it is shameless exercise which should be condemned by all peace loving people of Gok and the entire country. It is shameless because some of these politicians had been entrusted with public offices to serve the people according to the government requirements. There are orders and regulations to guide these appointees into service delivery. How come they are the same ones who are planning and arranging such inter-tribal fights? How come they are inciting the public? We do not intend to be judges of the situation, but common sense tells us that this kind of action is wrong and cannot be wished away. We are appealing to people of Gok who are caught in this cross-road inter-tribal war to give peace a chance as both the National and State Government look into their affairs. It is our prayer that peace and normalcy return in the area and the continued fighting brought to an end. Children, women and all residents in the area need peace. This is what the country need and this is the only price to pay for peace. Let us all respect one another and live like brothers and sisters. We are one people one country. This is the way the leadership of this country would like to see us all embrace peace for friendly co-existence.

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo


Before his departure to his native home after overseas assignment, Kiya Masahiko left us with three strong statements. The first was “Japan’s path to development and Lessons for South Sudan”, personal observations. Second, “Supporting Peace and Development in South Sudan-A Japanese Perspective and third, “South Sudan Risks Losing more humanitarian support.” These messages came from the Japanese outgoing ambassador whom people had come to like and admire his tireless efforts to help the needy where necessary apart from his government’s continued aid and grant. These statements were published in this newspaper on Saturday and Monday this week. I wish my readers had taken some time to go through the statements. They are indeed powerful and can only come from a true friend who wants to see you succeed in life. He outlined the problems and possible solutions to them even if for short or long term planning for our situation. Unlike some critics who will come out to point your mistakes without giving one a solution, Masahiko, demonstrated skill and ability as an independent mind and a true diplomat with sorverenity boundary. Little if any, was never vocal or meddles with the internal affairs of this country. This far was so good before our common friend SaPT who had been away in the unknown doing the unknown appeared. This time he was armed with camera and recorder. He also had his note book and a pen. He was armed to the teeth and was ready for the assignment at the airport. He was going to see off the out-going Japanese ambassador and wanted a final one on one before the man left for the orient-land. He wanted to be close to these people for future prosperity and mind development. But wait until he came back fuming. What a sight he exclaimed. The airport is full of water. He was telling us that after the Sunday rain, the airport was almost covered with stagnant water. That drainage system was a thing of the past in this part of the world. The main problem was that nobody was there to explain or direct passengers who wanted to board or alighting from the plane safe direction to follow.   Airport management needs to do something about the water-log. We understand they need more cash to do a good job for the new face but this should not be a reason enough to let water spread everywhere at the international airport. There is something they can do with the little they have to ensure the landing point and the first image of this country was protected at the international glance. This is how it should be.


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