Peace is more important than parties’ ideology

This country has been cursed by wars and conflicts since her independence. All attempts and efforts made to attain sustainable peace in the country prove futile that is why our beloved nation is still incurring wars. Thousands of her citizens have been forced to flee to the neighboring countries seeking refuge and protection.

The Government and opposition groups such as the SPLA-IO signed the peace agreements in 2015 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia but they have failed to implement the peace agreement that would bring lasting peace. The failure is due to lack of political will and the spirit of nationalism to govern and protect this nation. Our leaders are not patriotic enough that is why they do not have the concerns and cries of the citizens at heart.

Other armed groups such as the Arrow boys in Western Equatoria and those in Yei River state signed the peace agreement with the government but for the latter, it is not bearing and fruits. It failed successfully because the attacks on roads and looting of civilians’ properties and shops still continue.

A year ago the national dialogue was also initiated to pave way for lasting peace to prevail but the opposition groups of the SPLA-IO, armed groups and other political detainees criticized the move, saying it is not inclusive enough.

They said the national dialogue was announced and meant to favor the interest of the government, rather than ironing and addressing the outstanding issues affecting the country at large. They questioned the neutralization of the National Dialogue because it is not accommodating all the warring parties into the conflict.

Therefore, I am of the opinion that, anything which could bring everlasting peace is recommended to the government, opposition groups, armed groups and political detainees.  So the rejection by the government that they would not renegotiate the peace agreement signed in 2015 is a violation of the peace itself. It is a clear sign that our government is not ready to bring peace into the country, leave alone accusing Dr. Machar as an obstacle to the peace process.

Why shouldn’t we renegotiate the peace Agreement in order to bring peace? We know that peace is the only solution to all our problems and grievances

The government will not renegotiate the IGAD mediated peace agreement signed to resolve the conflict in the country. “The refusal of Dr. Riek Machar and his call for renegotiation of the peace agreement demonstrates his will to continue engaging for the suffering of our people in this country.” And this was according to the news which appeared in Juba Monitor newspaper on 1st July 2017 and other newspapers. All the accusations made by the government are not genuine because the two warring parties into the conflict have contributed to the suffering of the citizens.

It was not Dr. Riek Machar and his groups who caused the conflict that has led to the suffering of the citizens mentioned earlier on by the government, but also the government forces. Who is clean between the groups of Dr. Riek Machar and the government forces? All have done bad things against the people of this beloved nation since 2013-2017.

Therefore, we cannot blame one side alone or an individual. Everyone knows that Dr. Machar is not in the country that is why when some bad happens in the country, the blame is put on him. That is unjust. If any bad thing happenings, it should not just be blamed on him. It is unfair before the court of law and before God the almighty.

So the best way to bring peace is to renegotiate the peace agreement signed in 2015 so that the atrocities such as, genocidal or ethnical attacks, rape of women and girls, plus the other forms of human rights violations should be brought into account to make justice clear for those wrongdoers. The victims of this conflict deserve justice. True justice!

Government cannot just abandon the peace agreement signed earlier on and jump into the national dialogue because this was where the problems originated from. The root cause of the 2013 needed to be known by the South Sudanese and would only be realized through the agreement of 2015 and not the national dialogue. The national reconciliation, national healing and national dialogue would only come as the complements after the realization of the peace agreement agreed in 2015.

The writer is a political analysis reachable via: modijamesladu@yahoo.com


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