Peace is living together in harmony

By Kidega Livingstone

As students in Juba has called for harmony and peaceful coexistence among citizens, to them peace means unity and coming together for a common goal.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on Wednesday, Josephine Laker Castiano a senior three student from Juba Day Secondary school said to her peace means cooperation and unity among people.

“To me peace means that people should unite and come together regardless of social coexistence in the society and despite of their tribal differences,” said Laker.

She said it was the high time for South Sudanese to forget the past and come together in order to develop their country.

Ms. Castiano appealed to female students to learn how to live make peace saying peace was the only way for success in education and development.

“There are some women in government who work for peace and they have played lot roles in the Society. As young girls who are still in schools, we should try to learn from them so that we can take their role in future,” she said.

Joyce Poni Richard said to her peace means silence of guns and freedom of movement of people and goods in the country. She said in some states, there is no peace completely since killings and high-way robberies by unknown gun men are still taking place.

“If we are talking about peace, it means that people move freely without being killed on the road or within residential areas. But if such things are still happening it means we don’t peace yet,” said Ms. Richard.

She noted that peace is the only way for the students to continue with their education.

According to her, peace must start from school where students from different states interact among themselves.

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