With the ongoing peace process and the government and the political divide assurance to the entire diplomatic community that they would not take the country back to war, it should now be taken up by this country’s mission abroad and within their assignment jurisdiction to preach the gospel and bring up the commitments being displayed by the leadership. They stand a better chance to drum up this commitment to their host countries and bring back the results that could lead to permanent peace in the country. Indeed there’re some countries outside there which do not understand the real happenings on the ground apart from some concerted and unauthenticated reports by some hostile external forces which should be defused by the right information which can only come from the country’s envoys in their respective duty stations. The same should apply to all collectively in and outside the country bearing in mind the country is here to stay even after the present situation is resolved.  It takes patriotism and not sycophancy to chat the right cause of a nation for the benefit of the citizens. Parties to the peace signatories are doing their part, therefore one should ask him or herself what has been his/her contribution to the peace process.  Most people like being on the fence or looking from afar only to criticize what they perceive to be wrong without offering a solution. Others do so for political mileage and self-interests. It is time those in the class live above their imagination and behave like they belong and own the process. They should not leave the whole exercise to the leadership because their contribution matters a lot on the ground. Each and everyone should be an ambassador of peace for the betterment of the nation and should not sit and wait on the fence when others are making it possible for their positive future.

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