Odongo Odoyo

Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

It is always said that time will tell but this time around l want to disapprove this saying because we have been hanging on it for a long time with hopes against hope. This has to come to pass and this has to be put aside for us to compromise the much awaited and needed peace. This product is cherished with all the consumers who have gone without it for so long that they are almost forgetting its taste. This one time will not tell because for the last three or four days all eyes have been focused towards Addis Ababa, Ethiopia where much was being done to ensure all ingredients were put in place to make the taste come with the required aroma. Can this new product or brand on the menu elude us again this time? If it is 10, 23, 34 or more states is what is standing between peace and the citizens, can it be compromised and amicable solution and decision reached for the sake of the entire population of the country who have been left wondering why they have to go this far within among themselves. Surely, l might not be an authority in this line of argument but nature and common-sense guides me that only peace can make all other things work peacefully for this country, be it the states and security arrangements. If peace took over, all these things could be compromised and accommodated to suit the need of the citizens without much ado. Yes tempers do flare even within the house-hold but reason(s) must take charge and return things to normalcy. What can the citizens deduce in the just postponed Addis meeting? They should not be left hanging but should be assured that, this time, time will tell that peace is already with us. That this time, time will tell that children can go to school peacefully without doubt in the minds of parents. This time, time will tell that mama mboga and that peasant farmer will go about selling their vegetable and tilling their land without any worry of running to the bushes because of chaos which has erupted somewhere or within. That this time the main worry would be how to enjoy the hard won or earned peace which is meant to change the face of the nation after all inclusive are involved to ensure it found deep root amongst the country’s population. That this time, l will be my brother’s keeper and cover his back without thinking or caring about his ethnicity or background as long as he remained a good and understanding brother. That let Addis meeting come with sound and positive results that would be for the benefit of the whole country. That whatever stands on our way should be prayed for and let God take charge of the situation so that we can build a loved and formidable country that would remain the pride of the present and the future generation. It reminds me that for the last two days when going to work in the morning l have been listening to some FM stations on the on-going peace process and indeed the majority who called are short of nothing but peace. How long can they remain denied this precious gift which they have been waiting for all a long  

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