Peace implementation in progress

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The government through the Presidential Advisor on Security Affairs Tut Gatluak Manime has assured public of its commitment for peace implementation saying the ‘agreement was moving forward’.

“The trending issue has been the issue of Upper Nile state, but now after the appointment of the governor, we are moving forward. For me this is one of the biggest achievements that the parties reached,” said Manime.

He was addressing the Journalists yesterday during a press conference in Juba.

He said “the appointment of Upper Nile governor delayed because there was no agreement in the leadership. If you have been  following the issue,  there was suggestion that there would be  conference which will bring all people from Upper Nile, like civil society, elders, chiefs and others so that they will reach to comprehensive agreement for the  matter of governor and  peace in the state.”

According to him, the full formation of states government will be done in coming days.

“In coming days we will witness the formation of state cabinets including all other positions in the states so that they put things in right place,” he added.

In his part, he congratulated the Presidency for reaching peaceful solution to appoint the Upper Nile State Government adding that it is what people had longed for.

He also encouraged people to be hopeful and continue to be patient as government continues with the peace implementation in the country.

When asked about the graduation of unified force, he said they were in the process but he did not mention the day or the month when they would be graduated.

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