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Peace holding in South Sudan-SSRRC

Dr. Santino Bol Muoter (R) displays a gift during swearing in ceremony of Kuac community leadership in Uganda held in Kampala. (Photo by Martin Manyiel Wugol)

By Martin Manyiel Wugol

The Deputy Chairperson of South Sudan Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (SSRRC) told South Sudanese in Kampala on Saturday that the peace agreement was holding as the country has become stabled.

Dr. Santino Bol Muoter who was also the guest of honor for Kuac community event held in Kampala over the weekend said with the presence of peace in the country, the economy would soon get to normal due to measures being undertaken by the government to improve the economy.

“Peace is largely holding in South Sudan,” he said. The government is for peace and prepared to end the conflict,” Mr. Muoter said.

The official made the statement during the swearing in ceremony for the executive members of Kuac community in Kampala.

Dr. Muoter said SSRRC was ever ready to deliver food items to wherever humanitarian assistance was urgently needed, saying recently the government has authorized for the delivery of food assistance to the armed oppositions controlled areas,” he said.

The Deputy Chairperson of SSRR said the government has the right and duty to protect and provide assistant to all those who were in need regardless of their locations in the country.

He hailed the investors for their persistent investment in the country despite the wistful thinking always directed against the great image of South Sudan and her people.

Mr. Benjamin Athuai said community leaders have the obligation to preach about peace in order to educate South Sudanese people about the goodness of peace because the citizens deserve to live in decent and peaceful environment.

“We need to stop the suffering of the people once and for all because there is no need to  allow people to continue suffering meanwhile we, the people, have ability to give peace a chance for people to be happy again,” said Benjamin.

Ms. Ayen Martin congratulated people of South Sudan for putting aside their political differences and reconsidered the interest of the people to ensure that peace was restored back in the country.

Ms. Martin said as women peace was number one aspect to be established saying for peace to rein all the plans we have in mind should be achievable without hindrance.

She hailed the citizens and security forces for ensuring the implementation of peace which said it was largely holding in the country. “South Sudanese citizens are willing and have accepted to live in peace and they must protect it from outsiders and peace spoilers,” Ms. Martin said.


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