Peace has come, what again?

By Akol Arop Akol

What we were waiting for has been brought for us but let’s ask ourselves: what is next? Many citizens were idle and neglecting their daily duties for earning a living saying the lack of peace in the country was an obstacle blocking them.

They have been scared to go to farm; workplace and limited importing their goods from the bordering countries due to insecurity when trucks were being attacked while on the other hand humanitarian supporters were unable to deliver services to the local population in need of food, medication and shelter.

The media have played a vital role discussing and promoting creditable information to bring back peace. Whether it has been the access through radio, TV and newspapers, peace was and still is the only priority. This is simply because it was the duty of every citizen and friendly foreigners to search for peace.

Now as peace is finally birthed for us.  It is therefore important for and in everyone’s life. Life will then be lived in a peaceful environment where there will be no many threats from unknown attackers because the security has significantly been improved. This is a sign of peace in the country.

The politicians have done the signing of peace politically and a chance is given to civilians to endure peaceful co-existence among them. The next little step is the peace in families. Some people have not been in constancy with their wives, husbands, children, friends and relatives because the suffering that has been dreadfully caused by the conflicts and economic hardship had torn the relationship-bonds and thrown them apart.

Time has come for each of us to forget all those bad memories and begin a new life’s page. This blessed moment should change our lives forever. A new dawn has come with fresh hopes to be happy again.

Where are you young children and adults? You are collectively called to do your part.

If we all keep talking about peace and implement it, then things will go on well. The life of every human needs peace so that he/she could live a peaceful life. Time has come to reconcile and unite. It is our collective responsibility to make teamwork and bring newness into the country

Now let us patriotically work hard together. One should not ever say that he/she has no role. You and I are a peace batch and should be committed building our country.

My people, time has come for us to be mindful of what to do towards the development of our country. The power is in our hands. And we are accountable as citizens and should be aware of what each of us can do? Our hard-work is needed for the country to advance in education and other aspects of developments but all this has been pending as the country was in search of the lasting peace.

It is now time for everyone to embrace and continuously maintain the peace in order not to confuse ourselves again. Everything happens by a reason and for a reason. That is to illustrate anything that occurs in humanity has its root cause and also results into something else.

The conflicts initiated have passed but the economy remains another difficulty, which requires both the leaders and individuals to look for ways of stabilization of livelihood.

The rampant crisis chunks the daily life. Some families are unable to afford some basic needs in the market as the commodities are still with their hanging high prices. Despite the Dollars rate going down, basic items still remain at skyrocket high. Though, life is still hard, there is some ray of hope that one day things will get better.

Parents will work and get their salaries to provide needs for their children to maintain them from dropping out from homes to the streets. Students would go to school and receive their normal lessons without complaints from the teachers for not being given their money.

Some positive changes are soon coming because peace has finally come. Take it and make it meaningful. God wants us to live in peace with Him and other fellow humans. If God doesn’t love human beings to be in the world, He would have destroyed them for consequences of immoral deeds but He is always in Peace with us. This is why we should accept the call to fulfill His Holy expectations. God is sending us to spread messages of peace.


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