Inked in 2018 between the two major warring parties in the names of SPLM and SPLM-IO, the Revitalized Peace Agreement paused the sufferings of the South Sudanese and set their already sunken eyes to seeing it being implemented to its fullest.     With the Revitalized peace agreement, its significance is two; feet kissing and an unwavering commitment showed by its signatories. These significances enlivened the hopes of the citizens completely, taking them far beyond doubts that this peace agreement might twin the rest of the agreements dishonored in the past. Lives were bettering as could be evidenced by the involvement of South Sudan in affairs and activities she has never got involved in since her birth on July 9th, 2011. But as the full implementation of the Revitalized peace agreement comes closer with the condition of the announcement and preparations for elections, the SPLM-IO seems only serious about the full implementation of the agreement but fails to make its colors clear for the public to know about elections. However, of recently, it became as clear as crystal that the main opposition party, SPLM-IO is unprepared for elections claiming that the atmosphere is unpolitical for elections and other political practices in the country. When the SPLM-IO boycotted the meeting of the guarantors of peace agreement following an excuse that its forces were attacked by the SPLM forces, it didn’t only shock the guarantors alone, but it also shocked the citizens whose hopes are tethered around the agreement, in that, anything to spoil peace takes their lives along. If the SPLM-IO is really for change, then it should know that even change itself has ripened for South Sudanese to consume. It should be consumed before it gets rotten. However, if future hindrances are to be seen today and provided solutions for, then the RT-GoNU in which the SPLM-IO is part of, should be persuasive enough to allure the SPLM-IO into accepting the full implementation of the agreement so that the commitments of the international community do not go in vain as it may make them lethargic to help South Sudan when another problem arises in future.

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