Peace for community

By: Akol Arop Akol

For a country affected by war to be rebuilt, peace needs to be restored. Community peacebuilding should be carried out by the Government as a body in charge of solving the problems in the community such as communal fight, illiteracy, poverty and so on.

When there is a natural or artificial disaster that affects the community, the Government should quickly intervene and help people out.

These people see conflict as a part of their rights to fight for what they want or revenge if their neighbors offend them.

There are many cases affecting our communities today at the grassroot. People raid cattle, revenge and rob one another which have put fear.

For these issues to be addressed, the causes of all tensions between or among the communities need to be investigated and then do analysis to come up with measures that will bring understanding.

Bring the children, youth and the elderly; there should be campaigns against violence and all injustice in the communities. This is a work of the youth through organizations and church to disseminate peace.

Community peacebuilding aims at ending any conflict, restore peace, promote team work, develop trust, and social cohesion within and between communities. They need to understand one another and solve their problems amicably before they grow into conflict that ends up with loss of life.

In this way, if the Government, youth and community leaders are to be change agents to initiative educational and social activities that bring peace in order to strengthen social and cultural capacities to resolve disputes and conflict; and also, to promote team work, understanding and inter-ethnic and inter-group interaction and dialogue.

Community peacebuilding can be achieved through strengthening, the capacity of community-based institutions like Associations, schools, Churches, Civil Societies, recreation centers in order to engage the youth who are likely the peace promoters if empowered.

When the members of the community have a problem among themselves, the peace platforms bring them together to resolve disputes through dialogue, mediation, negotiation, and conflict resolution which involve the root causes and effects of conflict, the interests of the people to the conflict and the appropriate solutions.

Why is community peace building important? Community peacebuilding ends domestic violence; relieve the grievances of the victims of conflict. It also provides restoration of hopes and trust among the groups or individuals.

Our communities today are so much traumatized to the extent of using violent approaches and responses to solve their problems. This also contributes to the high crimes, where youth make ambushes on inter-state roads, kill passengers and rob their belongings. It is not that they are poor but heir minds are immorally invaded by evil. This means, the Devil is using them to destroy South Sudanese and their beloved country.

Therefore, to get salvation, we need to initiate community peace building to engage the members and show them a moral way of living. Let the youth be change makers by preaching peace in all what they do.

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