Peace dissemination puts smile faces in Gbudue state

Canal Denial Sogapai an elder in Bapara Nzara County (photo by Gaaniko Samson Jerry) 

By Gaaniko Samson Jerry

An elder in Gbudue state said the initiative to disseminate the revitalized peace agreement at the grassroots hasput some smileon the faces of elderly people.

Denial Sogapai, 73 year-old and a leader of Bapara Payam in Nzara County said the decision taken by President Salva Kiir to direct the lawmakers to disseminate the peace agreement to the local communities was positive.

He said the citizens have now realized the importance of peace and how the country has been affected by the five year-old conflict.

Sogapai said what remains was the implementation of the revitalized peace agreement through translating words into actions.

It is over one month since the members of parliament from the Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA) have been disseminating the revitalized peace deal in Gbudue state.

According to the agreement, the citizens should be educated on the revitalized peace agreement during the eight months of pre-transitional period so that they can understand, support and own it.

MrSogapai praised the lawmakers for their great work, “The members of parliament who came from Juba are preaching about peace and unity which is very good,” he said.

“It is the issue of tribalism that has destroyed this country,” said an old man, adding that they were happy for peace in the country.

“As the country leaders have decided that they need peace, let the peace remain as they have agreed. We the local citizens are now happy rejoicing,” he added.

He disclosed that he grew up in the war, produced his children in war and he will die in war. He urged the leaders to maintain the prevailing peace for this generation to enjoy peace.

Sogapai called on the government to promote unity among citizens saying its inability to stop tribalism in the country was the root cause of the conflict


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