Peace conference for Boma, Jonglei youths in Bor

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

A peace conference for youths of Boma and Jonglei States commenced yesterday in Bor Town to exchange views and opinions on how to solve grievances between youths of the two neigbouring states.

Anyang Nyuon, Jonglei State Chairperson of Peace and Reconciliation Commission told Juba Monitor yesterday that the conference is a continuation of last week’s conference held in Manyabol area of Boma State.

Last week, the communities of Boma and Jonglei states agreed to silence the guns during Manyabol peace consultation meeting in order to achieve permanent stability at border areas.

Mr. Nyuon said the conference would be a concrete platform for youths to discuss and prove before the communities that they were able to work together to implement what they had agreed in the first conference.

“We are also going to see how we can resolve the causes of the problems. The problems were identified especially the issues of children abduction, cattle raiding and road ambushes. So we will see how to develop concrete solutions to end such incidents,”  Nyuon said.

According to last week’s resolutions, after the guns were silenced, the communities would embark on joint disarmament of civilians of the two states.

Nyuon stated that the stakeholders would listen to the youth since it would be a chance for them to confront themselves and come up with concrete recommendations to implement such commitment.

“This time we have to engage them. Based on the resolutions, people could talk about the age set. So this is why we have called them together such that they can be able to come up with explanations on how to live peacefully,” he said.

Boma state representatives were headed by the Peace and Reconciliation Director and other key government officials.

Governor Philip Aguer would grace the event alongside other state government officials and partners.

The Conference is being supported by Safer World in collaboration with the Jonglei State Peace and Reconciliation Commission.




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