Peace comes to peaceful people

By Martin Anzo

It’s obvious and natural that since the creation of the universe only the most obedient and loving people or country had lived in harmony and peace. And I learnt that peace is not pursuable but comes to those who are kind-hearted and peaceful. I have never found a hostile person or community that had ever attained peace in their life unless they change their attitude and learn to forgive, compromise, manage mistakes of others, forget and minimize anger which sum up all the vital elements of love and peacemaking, but without this only trouble shall be seen from generations to generations, like us South Sudanese who are too proud and hostile, known by all nations in this world, God also prophesied through Isaiah [18:1-6]

For a sustainable peace to prevail, it may take us a dozen of months and years as the Bible quoted ‘God’s time is the best of all time’.

When we relate our suffering to Israel, its God intention to wait until all the sinful generation is gone, that’s when new blameless generation is born where peace shall be seen. If we now can’t reform God shall judge all, no one will escape death because all the inner spirits and souls are filled up with iniquity.

Just don’t be surprised when peace fails to prevail through countless talks by parties concern. Our time is still on the way, it just delayed a bit, waiting for us to put ourselves right with God. They may seem to be wasting resources to search for peace they may fail but let me remind you all our effort is in the prince of peace Jesus Christ by knowing and accepting him in your spirit not heart you will ripe blessing which is defined as having God’s presence in your life then you may lack nothing again, as it is said, “seek first the kingdom of God then all shall be given unto you.” This is an everlasting and believable promise.

Peace cannot be purchased with any amount of money a country might own like Dollars, Euros etc. But only tiny wisdom and simplifying your dignity with humility then everyone will imitate that culture which can unite people together. And also we shall have these principles in daily routine of life:

Number one: Let anything hurting you to go off. Two: For the sake of my subjects [fellow men and women] I withdraw my strong decisions. Three: Let me not be self-centered or take my interest first not even my family needs because I will be judged alone and be buried alone, let me not be just the opposite to others. Four: Let not the innocent blood befall my head and my family.

While waiting for appropriate time of peace thanks God for every day, month and the years we have been living healthy and alive. Stay calm and firm in all trials and temptations surrounding you because certainly when you fail temptation you may get everything wrong around you.

The writer can be reached via mobile number: 0926152392

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