Topical Commentary

With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

I often say and believe that politics are politicians, but no one among us can live without it. Big or small, politics remain the same. My colleague had a chat with Mr. Michael Makuei Lueth over the descending voices of some politicians under the main SPLM who have been walking the talk that they have been short-changed and denied slots in both the national and state governments. My colleague wanted to know if these reports doing the around and going through the ears of those who would want to listen to them. I really need not to introduce who Mr. Makuei is to the public. But l would say that he is one person who will respond to questions at any time whether good or bad. How he answers is another thing which may be his mood at that particular time. My colleague told me that when he asked his question, the answer was simple, “there is no problem in SPLM. We have our internal government arrangement which was agreed upon by all stakeholders”, he left a room for speculation that those claiming to be descending voices speaking for the voiceless, were people with different if not opposite ambitions in or within the party. Of late there have been cases of people moving from one media house to the other claiming of political short-changing and of being denied possible slots. What is questionable is why they are going public when at the initial stage they sat around the table and agreed within and among themselves on how to move together forward. To this end the unity government was formed over a year ago. Why wait until now. what was so difficult then? Internal planning between partners needs continuous consultations with the aim of correcting the wrong and putting the right as you move on. This simple approach must have been available for planning collective approach on how to handle matters of national importance. This should have worked miracles if it was done that way and trust me there could now be less criss-crossing and descending voices. It becomes difficult even for the appointing authority to have everyone and everybody get a constitutional post because there demand cannot be met at face-value. It has not escaped the attention of the public how those seeking positions immediately after the formation of the unity government mark-benched at the possible positions so that they could attract the attention of the appointing authorities. In hundreds they came some decided to have permanent residences and accommodations nearby so that they could reach the imagined preserved appointment points. Not all were luck among them. Even some of those who had camped around Juba waiting for the golden opportunity were not successful. It would be better now to concentrate on Nation building instead of going around looking for positions which have already been filled. There will be next time but for now, unity of the country and peace among the citizens are what surpasses other factors. It is the reality of life.   

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