Peace and Greediness cannot move together

By Akol Arop Akol

Greed is a strong desire for more wealth, possessions, power than a person has, this is the clarification we need to understand before I put sentence to explain our situation. In the present times, all what South Sudanese are crying for is lasting peace.

We need peace that will stop the suffering, a meaningful peace that will stop conflicts within or among communities, a peace that will fill leaders’ minds and touch their hearts to stop greediness and let them love their people and country. We need peace, to unite together and work as one people to bring solutions that will end economic crisis, corruption, sexual and domestic violence.

However much we advocate for peace, there are our brothers among us who hate peaceful-living, they have no peace in their hearts but are only addicted to hostility that even turn them enemies to their people and the country.

This time is not for fighting, assaulting one another or looting resources that belong to all of us. It is time to give peace a chance, such that each and every one would settle his or her life.

Indeed we don’t need to wait indolently for our government to provide everything in a silver plate, we must work for our own, but without peace we cannot make a way. Every human has a vision and plan in life; these include having good education, access to medical treatment when sick, getting a well-paying job, good infrastructure for living in and visiting social recreational activities for leisure.

Unfortunately, we are in dark days where one has to wake up with stress, worry and physical pain because the environment we are in is not conducive. There is no good house, the poor tukuls are flooded, town’ roads are muddy and make it problematic to do daily activities where people earn incomes.

Jobs are both limited and corrupted making it difficult for the jobless people to work, some hopeless ones turned into alternative ways in order to live. Begging, night-looting and highways robbery are practiced by people who finds life miserable because they have no means of living.

On the streets are the elderly people who should be accommodated at home and young children that are supposed to be fed at home and taken to schools.

All these are the results of greediness in our leadership of today. Any leadership whether political, community, church or youth leadership should value humanity and respond to the needs of vulnerable people. In dismay, the greediness is smelled everywhere. Leaders and people who have prospered in our country today only focus on how to get more material wealth, money, power and uncouth popularity and forgetting the people who supported them when they were nothing.

There is no one that prospers alone but even though there are those who took their own successful journey, we also need to look back to the grassroots where we come from and also put our country first before our interests.

The peace we talk about needs to be felt in the way we associate with others. It must have been defined as a state of living in freedom and stability with availability of human-basic needs.

I advise my leaders to build total peace in communities and this can happen only when they put patriotism in their hearts, minds and the words they speak to civilians as well as among themselves, Competition for wealth, power and fame are threats to peace.

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