Peace agreement will slap fraud if rightly implemented

By: Agar Mayor Gai-Makoon

There is one thing I liked about this peace when I read the R-ARCSS. The fact that the parties to this agreement were never centered in one aspect is all the cause of impression to my inner soul. In the agreement, there are eight chapters and each if later followed and worked on rightly, becomes a solution to some big challenge in our society. One of these is the fourth chapter which talks about resource, economic and financial management.  Over the past nine years, since the birth of this country, we have not had a standing economic and financial management system. And I bet no one would ever deny this fact; not even when there was no war had we been accountable in our national service.

It became a habit that when we are given public duties, we think it is our chance to eat, and take any funds that come to our office. That is to say the money which all our sectors generate goes to the pockets of those in charge. And because of that, the country has not smelled any economic stability. The powerless ones remained poor and even other times, the government officials take the little these people get from their small scale businesses in the name of taxes. And because they are intimidated and imprisoned, the civil population does not get a chance to make their voices heard. They are not allowed to ask where the taxes go. This is and has been the nature and relationship of our national service and the civil population; collection of taxes, oil revenues and then, going to pockets of the powerful. But though, as the agreement demands, there is an indication of the parties to this agreement having learned from the results of their past governance. It is good of nature that we learn from our past mistakes. Thanks to any civil society organization that might have represented the local people throughout the course of this agreement.

Chapter four of the agreement if later implemented is all that changes the general livelihood of every person in this country. It asserts that the political leaders and stakeholders shall ensure that the R-TGoNU is transparent and accountable with legal, institutional policies and procedures fully functional for sustainable development.  That there should also be established an effective leadership and commitment in fight against corruption; any leader found to have condoned or engaged in corrupt practices shall be held accountable and barred from holding public office in accordance with the agreement and the law. These are two of the five general principles of resource, economic and financial management as stipulated in the agreement.  They are not my own words but instead, they are words that sourced from and agreed upon by the government and opposition particularly, the one headed by the first vice president of the Republic, His Excellency Dr. Riak Machar Teny. I doubt if there can be any other reason why they would not implement this time. Our appeal though, is that the warring parties collectively implement whatever is stipulated in this agreement. And now that the revitalized government of national unity is formed, let transparency and accountability be the habit of all the political leaders and stakeholders. We all want to enjoy the fruits of our struggle through proper and fair delivery and distribution of resources. And so, this agreement if rightly implemented, slaps corruption in the face.

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