Peace agreement way forward to self-reliance-Onyoti

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The national Minister of Agriculture and Food Security, Onyoti Adigo Nyikwec said the Revitalized Peace Agreement would lead to self-sufficiency if fully implemented.

“If we implement this peace fully, I think in two years to come South Sudan will be self-reliant not importing any agricultural products from neighboring countries,” he said.

Onyoti said with the government to be formed in November, many displaced persons may opt to return home voluntarily to rebuild their livelihoods.

He was speaking yesterday at the agricultural season 2019 updates in Juba.

The minister added that for agriculture to improve sufficiently there was need for government especially the Ministry of Finance to implement the viable declaration of ten percent of total budget of the country to go to agriculture.

However, Onyoti said this year’s harvest is expected to be better than the previous years, owing it to the relative peace created by the Revitalized Peace Agreement.

“There is improvement in the security situation in the country.”

He added that the voluntary return of some farmers to their villages has contributed to the cultivation and planting of more fields which may contribute to increased production.

“Despite the late planting of crops, the production prospects of the 2019 first season harvest in the country and main season in unimodal areas is estimated to better than previous year,” Onyoti said.

He said pest and disease infestations were generally within the normal rang, however, Fall Armyworm (FAW) infestations that appeared at the beginning of the season caused medium to serious impact on maize crops especially in Magwi, Bor and Wau.

“Our appeal to every organization who are working on the agriculture should present their programs or projects fully to the Ministry of Agriculture so that the ministry knows what they are doing,” he said.

Onyoti also appealed to the international community and other organizations to help the ministry in mobilizing resources to fight Fall Armyworm.

“We are also appealing to our investors whether internal or international that they are most welcome to South Sudan for investment saying with the peace, the environment is very conducive for agriculture or farming in South Sudan.”

Onyoti the Minister of agriculture and environment urged the Ministry of finance to release the sixty two million dollars which the Council of Ministers approved to fight fall armyworm.

Since when the Council of Ministers approved the money, we waited for in vein upto now the Minister of Finance did not approve any single money to fight Fall Army Worm.

Onyoti stressed that it was only the Japanese Embassy that contributed three millions USD dollars through the third party.

He said the Japan Government through its embassy in Juba donated two million USD to the World Food Programme and One million USD to Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations to train the locals on how to fight Fall Army Worm.

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