PAYROLL-Machine repaired

By Atimaku Joan

The Ministry of Public Service and Human Resource Development yesterday revealed that it had repaired the payroll machine and it was planning to purchase another one as the current seems to be faulty and less efficient.

The pay role machine broke down for two months and this resulted in the delay of payment of civil servants salaries.

Speaking to Juba Monitor in an interview, the Minister Joseph Bakosoro said that they had repaired the broken machine but it was functioning slowly. However, the ministry was working with partners to purchase a new one in order to avoid another delay in future caused by the breakdown.

“The machine had collapsed but it is now working. To prevent that from happening in future, we are now working with partners to buy  a better version which is  a modern type and a bigger volume so that it can be sustainable and be  able to hold more data compared to the old one we have,” said Bakosoro.

He said that there was also a need to purchase a machine with a bigger system that could holds all the data of civil servants.

He revealed that the Ministry of Finance would be ready to pay civil servants since the payroll machine had been repaired because they had been waiting for the pay sheets to be sent to their ministry.

He stated that the database system had to be updated in order to establish the number of people to be paid.

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