Payment of teachers’ incentives starts in Bor

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

At least a total of 912 teachers in Bor town of Jonglei State have started receiving cash incentives. The incentive Impact project was initiated to motivate teachers across the country.

Daniel Kuany Riak, Bor Municipal Council Education Director told reporters yesterday in Bor that each teacher was getting 18,420SSP – an incentive which is equivalent to three months salaries.

“We have started paying teachers now and this project is set to last for 18 months. We have so far paid a total of 10 months now,” Mr. Riak said.

He explained that in the last three months the payment was equivalent to 18,610SSP but due to the rise in exchange rate, which he said has declined by 260SSP.

However, Mr. Riak admitted that the incentive of teachers had delayed due to some technical problems associated with accountability and payment procedures.

“The process normally takes long; it is neither from the donors nor the Government. This is all about accountability but I am asking our dear teachers to do a lot for the young generation,” he stated

Deng Mabior, a teacher at Bor Public Primary School blamed the national Ministry of Education for incentives delay.

“The money we are receiving now is for last year. We understand that it was for October, November and December 2017. Thus this is another financial year. So you can only appreciate this cash when it is given to you but we really have a lot of problems,” Mr. Mabior said.

He said there has been a delay since the project was signed.

Mr. Mabior urged the Government and its partner to ensure maximum seriousness in the project in order to benefit the families of the beneficiaries.

Nyiel Mary from Langbaar Mixed Primary said that she was very optimistic that the money was brought after the teachers had waited for quite long time.

She urged the Government to always consider the teachers across the country since they were working for the welfare of future generation.


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