The Ministry Public Service should stop talking about the breakdown of payroll machine every time salaries of civil servants are delayed. It is like something is not right. It is of importance to tell the workers the truth and let them hassles for their families while waiting for the right time to be paid their dues truthfully. Since the time the 100 percent increment was announced there are those who are on the way every morning going to the Ministry of Finance to find out if their pay was ready. Some spent the whole day and walk back home to start a fresh the following day. Days have gone into months without any sign of the promised increment. They have borrowed from the kiosks and shops around them. They have borrowed from friends with the promises to make good their actions. These have failed and they continue living with hope that one day they will be paid. It is important that the authorities concerned come real to make the workers expectation honoured. That is why they should not keep the workers expectation high when things are not yet ready. Both finance and public service dockets have something to explain but not the continued breakdown today and tomorrow another excuse.  The promise was given in the open by the leadership which should have been implemented but like in most cases the implementers are dilly-dallying with the process. Worse still they are coming with one excuse after another while the families of the workers are in high expectation of the proceeds. There is no need to continue going this line of promising. The ministries and key players should come out with the truth that would set them free for all purposes on life and for workers well-being which is the most important to all right now.

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