Pay attention to Abyei issues

The two sisterly countries which should handle the Abyei problems seem too busy that they could not pay attention to the disputed land. Lives are perishing day by day, but there is no quick solution to bring peaceful settlement.

Sudan is undergoing a serious political crisis which is characterized with demonstrations by citizens demanding a civilian government to be installed while South Sudan, on the other side, is also experiencing both political and communal conflicts despite the peace process going on.

This means the two governments are very busy that they could not even rescue lives of Abyei people. Between the two leaderships, Abyei continues to face attacks from Missiria communities of Sudan. Their houses got burnt, cattle raided, many died and others displaced.

Abyei being a middle land makes concerns poorly handled with negligence and that is why it has been experiencing serious attacks which are attributed to disputes or claims of ownership between the two countries since South Sudan gained independence

The two countries have to initiate diplomatic solutions to bring peace to these two communities of Abyei and Missiria. They need to be reconciled to live in harmony as they wait for Abyei status’ resolution. This can happen if given platforms to interact and resolve their problems. If this is a politically motivated conflict, then the leaders should be questioned why they are letting innocent people die in such a way.

Attacks on Abyei have let to deaths, burning of houses into ashes as well as displacement. Now, without peace, the members of this community could not grow crops, rear animals and do their daily businesses for a living because of fears. Children are not also having access to education since there is no free environment for learning.

Enough is enough for Abyei people to be given attention in order to provide lasting solutions for social and political misunderstandings. Being a rich land has been the number one reason for competition by two States but when it comes to the outcry of Abyei people, there’s no urgent plan to end the conflicts.

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