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With Odongo Odoyo

Odongo Odoyo

Patriotism and dedication to one’s love for a nation is demonstrated by what one can positively offer even if little but well thought and coined positively for the well-being of the country and the general public. This is what came to be in me when this young man walked into my office and told me that “Yaba” how many young people knows what 16th May means to this country. I looked at Daniel Deng Kucha Deng Nhialwongjok with a penetrating eyes. I knew what the day meant but l had no idea how many young men would remember this enriched history that made it possible for this country to be in the being. Deng had come to tell the country and the world what took place on this day, it was down around 6.00am local time then, a gunshot was heard at Malualchat. That was to be the beginning of the liberation struggle which for almost 21 years which later led to the attainment of independence in 2011. So many things happened therein but for this young man to remember all these was surely a treasured memory which should be impacted in the younger generation for keep.We had a long talks based on what he knew and understood and what kind of life he would want to see during his life span. He asked me if he could share his experience and his knowledge of that day with the rest of the country and the world through Juba Monitor. I gladly accepted and told him to go and do an in-depth of what he knew and understood of the day. He had only one request that if indeed he was to share his knowledge it should be published on the 15th of May a day before the actual day. As a messenger of the people l gladly accepted and told him to bring the article to me which he did and told me face-on that “Yaba, this writer is an insider infant of SPLA/M” l did not want to dwell on this because l understood him very well. We did publish the in-depth article as requested. One thing that has made me bring into being this issues is because if we had so many young people who think along this line like Deng then this country could be very sure that the future would remain bright with well thought youth whose love for their motherland is unshakable. It is a demonstration that should be forged to the mind of younger generation to think positively for their country and remember vividly where they have come from and where they are going to without belonging to a dividing minds. The youth should be brought into being to know that they belong to a country not a community and they must desists from seeing others as enemies but fold them as brothers and sisters. This is the only walk they should cherish and the past history should remain a reminder of the walk the country has walked up to this time. Grab a copy of last Saturday’s Juba Monitor and read Deng’s thoughts.

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