Patients stranded at Bor hospital

By Deng Ghai Deng

Patients at Bor state hospital have been stranded after medical workers put down their tools over unpaid incentives and poor working conditions yesterday.

The three-year-old,Ajah Ayor was diagnosed with malaria and admitted at Bor state hospital two days ago. Ajak laid flat on a bed and groaned in pain with cannula dress on her hand and there was no doctor or nurse to attend to her and a 37-year-old Akon Atem, the mother of Ajah said that her daughter was supposed to receive a quinine drip, but doctors and nurses left all the facilities and nobody administered the drugs.

“The doctors came and told us that they will not be working today ,I heard that they have not been paid and that’s why they are not working and nowIdon’t  know how we will be only God knows what will happen to us,” Atem said.

Bor resident 28-year-old Nyang Akol Majak said she came to see a doctor for his son who has skin rashes, but was surprised to find outpatients’ department locked and doctors were absent.

“My son is very sick, he has skin rashes. now I found doctors are not working and I don’t know what to do. If the problem is because of salaries because I just heard now that the doctors are not paid then I callon the government to pay them quickly so that lives are saved,” Majak said.

27-year-old Yar Reech was at the hospital’s maternity ward on Thursday for delivery, but she said she was stranded as there were no midwives available to help her deliver.

“The doctors are not happy but I came to seek their help because what can someone like me do. Now I don’t know what will happen if my time for delivery comes later without a midwife.” Yar said.

Doctor Ajak Garang Akech, who worked at Bor state hospital said the medical staff have stopped work until their grievances were addressed.

“We have not received salaries since 2020 in August and the staff have been depending on the incentives from the NGOs but now it’s been two months without those incentives and living us standards are deteriorating. We have families and defendants and you cannot keep somebody in the hospital without any support.  We have laid down our tools and are waiting for the concerned authorities to tell us exactly what is happening,” Akech.

Doctor Ajak said the hospital has been without lifesaving drugs for the last three months making it difficult for doctors to effectively attend to emergencies.

He said patients have been dying at their watch due to the lack of medicines in the facility.

Chot Kueth Kulong, the Director General in the Jonglei state ministry of health said he was aware of the doctors’ strike at the hospital.

He urged the doctors to return to work in order to save lives as the ministry worked on their incentives.

“We have finalized talks with our partners who are supporting the hospital. So within the next two weeks I hope that they would get their incentives.” Kulong said.

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