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Patients complain of buying drugs in private clinics

Patients in Juba Teaching Hospital are complaining of being asked to buy drugs from private clinics despite availability of drugs in the hospital.

Taban Gordon, a patient, said they only sleep in the hospital for the sake of treatment but they are sent to buy drugs outside the hospital event if they don’t have money.

“Sometimes we are not being checked at night but in the morning and afternoon, they would check us on how the sickness is improving,” he said.

He calls on the government to provide food to the patients because it helps them a lot. “The feeding program can help those who don’t have relatives to bring them food with the current situation,” Taban added.

The Medical Director of Juba Teaching Hospital, Dr. Maker Isaac Wel said there might be some misunderstandings that compel some of the doctors to send patients to buy drugs from private clinics.

“This is a misunderstanding, you know the doctors who are working there sometimes they send the patients to go and buy drugs,” he said.

He said the delay of salaries makes some of the doctors to act that way to at least get something to run their lives plus the patients.

Dr. Wel said, “Unfortunately, the drugs that the patients buy from the clinics are the same drugs that originated from the hospital.”

He said patients are asked to buy drugs from private clinics only if the hospital lacks the drugs. “Unless the medicine is not there then you can send the patient to buy in various clinics,” he said.

The director appealed to doctors not to make patients buy drugs from out because it is a public hospital that does not charge patients for treatment.

Dr. Wel said sometimes the health workers in the hospital do not receive their salaries for four months.

By Rose Keji Benjamin


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