Pastoralists in Boma commit for peace

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

Pastoral communities of Boma State have accepted to commit and work for peace with their neighbors.

The commitment would allow peaceful coexistence at border points shared by the communities, according to a youth leader from the Boma State.

This emerged at the end of intellectual youth leaders’ engagements and campaigns held at various cattle camps early this month which followed series of resolutions adopted during last year’s Boma and Jonglei youth Conference in Juba.

The Conference was conducted by Christian Agency for Peace and Development to engage youth leaders on how to work with grassroots population to advance peaceful coexistence.

Speaking to Juba Monitor on Tuesday, Greater Boma State youth leader Aduo Opara revealed that the pastoral youth vowed to work for peace with their neighbors in order to back up the Revitalized Peace Agreement.

“They are ready to actually work together with their neighbors since most of them have expressed the need for peace to prevail among themselves,” Mr. Opara said.

He added that even though few individuals were still engaged in a number of cattle raids, he believed that such individuals were out-numbered by those willing to see peace prevail.

“During our engagement, the number of the locals who have interests to work for peace was vast regardless of some few individuals who would still want to interfere with their neighbors,” he stated.

The youth leader said that to embrace peace, there was already cattle trade between the neighboring Boma and Jonglei states. He said the cattle markets were located at Bor, Pibor, Anyidi, and Manaybol areas.

Mr. Opara stated that the youth leaders would extend the peace building engagements to states like Akobo and Torit to further permanent peace.

He said the intellectual youth leaders would ensure proper implementation of the agreed recommendations.

“We will be monitoring and making sure that the peace campaigns we started do not cease. We will always remind them of their commitment to peace building to make sure that peace prevails within their vicinities,” the youth leader assured.

Mr. Opara appealed to the citizens of Boma and Greater Jonglei to abandon all the harmful practices that could hinder peaceful coexistence of South Sudanese.

“My message to the local youth is to abandon all the bad practices among them raiding, child abduction, roads ambushes and innocent killings. It is long since it begun and what is coming out is hatred ” he added.

He appreciated Christian Agency for Peace and Development (CAPaD) for the initiative and asked them to keep supporting ideas to advance coexistence.



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