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Pastor urges believers to fight tribalism

By Martin Manyiel Wugol in Kampala.

The lead pastor Rev Joseph Simbe of South Sudanese International Fellowship Church in Uganda, Pastor Joseph Simbe told people of South Sudan to encourage culture of forgiveness.

He said believers and the congregation can fight tribalism out of South Sudan because it is destroying our national unity.

“As people of South Sudan therefore fighting winnable war against tribalism is our national duty. As the church therefore the legitimate fight to quickly restore unity through God almighty’s blessings,” Simbe said.

Madam Rebecca, member of South Sudanese Church in Arizona USA advised the congregation about the importunacy of tribes and how it can work to extend the growth of the church in solving problems amongst the people of South Sudan.

Presiding Pastor Rev Henry Logoro said, “your neighbor is someone God sent to serve people that can be our leaders”.

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