PASSPORT-Gov’t set to resume issuance

By William MadoukGarang

Government is set to recommence issuance of regular passport and Nationality after receiving booklets form a Germany firm yesterday.

This came after the government through Ministry of Finance paid USD 3.4 million to German implementing firm, Mauhlbauer. 

Gen. Atem said that the regular passports would be printed for people who had emergency need of passports like students who had scholarships and patients who were referred aboard for further treatments. 

Addressing the press, Gen. Atem disclosed that they had received booklets which would be issued to those in need.

“Last week we received 600 regular passports and 500 Nationality that is why you see the center is very busy, we are giving them to people who are having emergencies, like the sick people and students as a priorities,” Atem said.

“Today, we receive 4,400 regular passports and 49,500 Nationality, the issuance of Nationality will not be a problem again this number is very big, it’s going to be printed and will not be issued anyhow,” he added.

He assured the public that the government had settled the payment to the company and as a result the firm would be providing more booklets in the near future. 

He also cited that the awaiting number in the system was huge and the issuance of passport would only be for those who had emergencies cases.

“For 4,400 regular passport, we will use them for emergency like now we have students who are travelling to difference countries and have to be given passport.So, I want to congratulate them they will not miss their chances we will give them passport within a week and then go,” he clarified.

Last September, council of ministers informed the minister of Foreign Affairs to discuss the issue of passport with ministry of Finance to avails funds for resumption of ordinary passport.

South Sudan stopped issuing National Identity card and passport since last year after its German technology provider shutdown the system over failure to pay accumulative bill of $6.9 million.

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