Passion of Portion (POP)

Seeing people moving up and down is the common nature of life. They go to market, church, school and workplaces. What are they looking for? You may find people trying to change their own lives and that of others. You may wonder what do people who take courage to be advocates want. Some work too hard, while others talk too much. Isolations, ignorance and misrecognition are the results they get back. Why are they facing all these troubles? They could design their own futures instead of forcing themselves in serving those who are rejecting and not even willing to be helped out. See the engineers doing heavy works, the players running, and the venders marketing and so on. Some human rights’ activists are badly being tortured by authorities, but never wanted to give up.

Someone may get out from his house to go and work for others. Should we call it slavery, greediness or love for power? What would happen if each of us, only sweat for individual interest. What do those who suffer for the sake of others intend? Teachers are coaching, civil servants doing the labor for bosses, leaders defending, protecting and serving their people, writers and journalists are writing. Why are they always contributing opinions? Do they want to show that they are more educated or wiser than the rest?

Authors write to keep the mind active. They write to make a good name better than riches.  Writing twitches you into the moment. It makes you remember the past, learn something new that you never knew. Doctors treat the sicknesses, engineers build our houses and pastors pray for our lives. The employees are not with aims of making fame, money or to achieve anything bigger than life. They are not wasting time. They are not playing. Their vision is to shape the future of the nation. Therefore, we exist because of them.

If someone thinks they are showing off, it is not right. One has to ask these kinds of questions and analyze them personally. Some people misuse the free services given to them. They have no respect for their masters or those who support their daily lives.

Be careful. You should not hesitate to think like a man. All of us have different gifts and talents. God is the one using us to reveal His elegance. As we want to build our country, it is not one person or group to work alone; it is a collective responsibility of all citizens to share our ideas and strengths.

If you’re being honest, you would agree that it would be nice to live a free life with a right to express yourself when you are oppressed. And what is that will make you love to live longer on this land? It is the beauty of the world or the anything that your land offers you?

The creativity by inhabitants and the stories that you always come across make you want to enjoy the fruitfulness of life. What do like about your country? Don’t be self-seeking. What is that you are able to do to change the lives of your fellow countrymen? Some of you may think that enjoying one’s life is the first priority. Do you think that eating food, taking water, clothing yourself are the only things you want? There is something you must do for others. Share your words, properties and money

You got to school or work place knowing that your family, friends and the nation are waiting for you to change them. Be reminded of your roles to play. When you get advice of something concerning your life and take advance of learning lesson from it, the way will open and you will enter to house of betterment.

We want to bring new things to our country by working together. Show what you know and learn what you don’t have knowledge about. Give what you have and receive what you lack.

Hiding good qualities inside you is selfishness. The little you know is effective to inspire and teach others. You have to demonstrate it such that you would be followed.

The writer is a high school student. Email: akol.akol49@gmail.com

By Akol Arop Akol

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