Passengers told to wait for escort

The National Police Service is urging passengers of Nimule-Juba road to wait for security forces to accompany them to their destinations.

This comes after reports of insecurity along Juba-Nimule road to the office of the National Police Service about the killing of another renowned musician Emma 47 on the road on Monday this week.

Brig. Gen. Daniel Justin, the Police Spokesperson said no passengers are allowed to take off for their journey without being accompanied by police and other security forces to Nimule or Juba where there is insecurity.

He said every day at 8:00am the bus going to Kampala should be accompanied by police personnel stressing that no one is allowed to take off in the absence of the police escort.

Brig. Gen. Justin said the Monday incident which claimed the life of musician Emma 47 and three others who were wounded when the bus fell into the ambush at 6:00am happened because the vehicle carrying the late took off without police escort.

“No one is allowed to move at that hour without police monitoring them,” he said.

He advised passengers to call the police directly whenever they encounter an ambush along the Juba-Nimule road.

“The police will hurry up to rescue you where the incident happens,” Brig. Gen. Justin said.

He said the police are making awareness about the road security in order for people to take care of themselves before police intervention.

“We have some police who do accompany the buses from Nimule to Juba or Juba to Nimule but the drivers don’t cooperate with police that is why some drivers go without protection forces while they know that there is insecurity,” he said.

He said taking safety measures is the responsibility of both police and the passengers along the roads they use.

“This is because of insecurity reported,” he said.

He added that Juba-Bor is now safe because many forces have been deployed there to protect civilians on their journey.

“But for Juba-Nimule road, it is too complicated because there are no forces deployed along the road,” he said.

By Asunta Alith

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