Party loyalists should leave the army

By Sheila Ponnie

The Minister of Defense and Veteran Affairs accompanied by the Chief of Defense Forces over the weekend visited one of the military training center in the country at Owinykibul, Magui County, Eastern Equatoria State.

 Minister of Defense, Angelina Teny was at Owinykibul training center to inspect the readiness of the unified forces in the training and to see the level of professionalism of the forces before their graduation.

Teny, told the forces at the training center to know that they are a national army that would defend the constitution and territory of the country and not defending parties.

“Those who are still loyal to the commands of SPLM-IO, SPLM, SSOA and other parties should walk out of this training center, all I want is a national army that is loyal to the cause of the country and will defend the national territory and not party, “she warned.

She also wished the forces progress to become a professional army so that they are able to be deployed into foreign countries and become like the military with blue head of UNMISS.

“What is the difference between the UN military and you forces in the training centers? They are all soldiers but, the difference is in the professionalism in training and knowing exactly who they are, and their role as soldiers, “she said

Teny urged the forces to be disciplined, learn respect and to love each other, and for them to know what they want to do as professional soldiers that can be deployed anywhere.

In another development, the Minister of Defense, Joint Defense Board (JDB) together with the National Pre-transitional Committee (NPTC) donated two Million South Sudanese pounds to support the military training.

NPTC and Teny donated 1.5 million South Sudanese pounds while and JDB donate five hundred thousand SSP.

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