Partners review annual education performance

Vice President Dr. James Wani Igga interacting with Education Ministers; Yien Oral Lam Tut of Higher Education and Deng Deng Hoc of General Education and Instructions at (GEAR) conference in Juba (Photo: KitabA. Unango):


By Moses Gum

 Education partners have started reviewing performance of general education in the previous year.

The conference taking place in Juba aims to assess the general performance of the education sector in the last one year.

The four-day seminar is being held under the theme, “Towards inclusive and quality lifelong learning through Equitable Teacher Deployment and Quality Learning Resource” was opened yesterday by the Vice President Dr. James Wani Igga.

The conference attracted education partners including State Ministers of Education, UN agencies and education coordinators of various institutions.

Three state ministers of education failed to attend. Reasons were not given.

The Minister of General Education and Instructions,Deng Deng Hoc said the country’s education sector is succeeding in achieving the goal for all children to have access to quality education.

He said the idea for the appraisal was to measure progress made by education partners in the past year.

He said the education ministry sought to bring together all the key education stakeholders from states and the national ministry and partners to discuss way forward to achieving goals of education in South Sudan.

Minister Deng said focusing attention on formal education could be the only path to bring about transformation.

“If all of us work hard to transform this nation then it is simply for us to succeed,” he said.

The minister stressed that the transformation of country’s education sector depends on the hard work of technocrats and education supporters.

“We must succeed to take our country to the next level. Our success relies on Technocrats and government supporting us,” Deng said.

He said increasing the number of school going children required concerted efforts by authorities concerned and parents to ensure that the rate illiteracy is eradicated in the country.

Deng added that there was need for education partners to double efforts to reach learners and provide them with quality education.

He said State ministers of education registered significant improvement in enrolment of school children despite the conflict.

Pia Philip, Gbudue State Minister of Education said there has been remarkable success in number of school children returning to school.

He said the enrolment of boys and girls in his state have been great for the last two years despite the ongoing conflict.

“The number of learners enrolling to schools has been good. Many school children are now returning to school,” he said.

Pia said state education partners have been busy creating awareness to communities to educate their children.

He said children including those in rebel-held areas of Rirangu are now getting education services.

On his part, Western Lakes Minister of Education Dut Makoi Kuok called for similar upgrade of the learning system in the country.

“Learning of our children shapes a brighter future for this country. Supporting quality education is the key to success and development of our nation,”Dut said.

He stated that limited learning space and delay of salaries of teachers are some of the key hindrances to education in his state.

Minister Dut stressed the need for increasing teachers’ salaries and creating moral incentives so as to provide free environment for quality teaching.

He said the EU IMPACT money which was used to support teacher stakes long to reach teachers.

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