Partners agree on peace and community cohesion

By Emelda Siama John

The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency (SIDA) and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) signed an agreement on peace and community cohesion project in South Sudan.

While addressing the media yesterday, Judy Wakahiu, the Programme Advisor and the Manager of Peace and Community Cohesion project said that the covenant decision to auxiliary’s implementation of transitional justice was measured under the commission of truth and progress made for issues of gender 35% women representation in the national legislature councils as well as States.

“The ideational resources will help UNDP to contribute in strategic and to lay foundation on sustainable peace in South Sudan and also to address some of the challenges that PACC address over a time, there are no separate resources but they are part of inters programme of PACC and some of the problem PACC are facing like weak infrastructure for peace, illegal law standing practices, cattle ridding, child abduction, force marriage, issues of exclusion of women minorities and others special interest group, peace building incentive, development and governances, misused of Varian, and issues of climate change,” she said.

She stated that the programme would also benefit citizen base on women, youth and other minor groups for boys’ agencies and participation in government, peace building. She state that the programme promote conflict sensitive access to  youth and the use of natural resources by pastoral communities in south Sudan and across the board who come to south Sudan.

She added that the Programme has three key interrelated outputs as the current budgetfor the programme was 38,432,494 thousand in which SIDA and UNDP have already signed an agreement of about USD 13million and with additional resources of about 3.4million that made the total contribution of SIDA to the programme above 17million which helped the programme as UNDP to be flexible and responsible for the challenges that availed in the process of implementation.

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