Parties urged to follow what Agreement says

By Nema Juma

A concerned citizen and activist in South Sudan Micheal Gatluak has urged parties to the agreement to follow what is in the agreement because the citizens have suffered a lot.

There have been media reports that there is disagreement between President Salva Kiir and Dr. Riek Machar on who should take key ministries such as the Ministry of Petroleum and the Ministry of Finance.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor, he said parties should work hand in hand to lead the reconciliation among people in this country adding that in the agreement all the details that are needed to reform the country is stipulated in the agreement.

“This will help us to reconcile, reform our country, for the better.

“Personally I heard there is a disagreement on the distribution of the Ministries. As a person who should not be taken out of context, the parties must follow what the agreement says, they should discuss or find out what the agreement stipulates how this thing should be done,” Michael said.

Michael said that there should not be reason that should delay the process.

“People are here waiting, our people have suffered a lot both within and outside the refugee camps, so my leaders from all parties we want real peace,” he added.

He added the issues of the IDPs and refugees returning home, those are the most aggrieved people because staying in the IDP or Refugee camps is not easy.

He said those people have lost everything, including their relatives and properties.

“I think this is not to just call them back home without allocating them where to go and yet their houses are still occupied by other people,” Micheal said.

Last week the presidency called on people in POCs to come out and refugees in neighboring countries to return home and resettle, saying that the government will do its utmost best to ensure they are supported to resettle in their homes areas.

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