PARTIES, Told to walk the talk

By: Sheila Ponnie

The African Union (AU) has urged parties to the Revitalized Peace Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in South Sudan (R-ARCSS) to walk the talk instead of focusing on trials issues while the clock is ticking.

This came up during an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor during the weekend.   

The AU representative to South Sudan Ambassador Joram M. Biswaro said the extended One hundred 100 days perceived is very short yet the issues are critical to the formation of the Revitalized Transitional Government of National Unity (R-TGoNU).

He believed that with good political will, commitment and compromise, a lot would be achieved within the 100 days of the extension by the Tripartite Entebbe summit of November 2019.

The South Sudanese are capable of realizing this goal if they wish.

Ambassador Biswaro was referring to the press release issued by the SPLA-IO last week on Friday that alleged “You cannot stay in the expensive hotels, spend extravagantly and then point fingers on the government for not funding the implementation of the peace deal” which was reported on the 19th of November by the South Sudan Presidential Press Unit face book page.                                                                                                                                 The press release stated that, it is unfortunate that a Diplomat from such an August body as the AU would issue a statement without fact checking.

However, Ambassador Biswaro clarified that in the referred statement he did not mention SPLMA-IO nor any other political party by its name.

He explained that the Dawn Newspaper on Thursday November and the South Sudan Broadcasting Cooperation (SSBC)  evening news of Wednesday 20th November this year correctly captured his statement at the state house commonly known as (J1).

He also said that in his statement on 18/11/2019/when opening the IGAD workshop attended by representatives from SPLM-IO, he welcomed the SPLMA-IO leader Dr.Riek Machar Teny’s order instructing members of the SPLMA-IO who were not part of the peace mechanism to leave the hotels and report to the cantonment sites.

“None of the officials present in the Hall contradicted this positive gesture from the African Union”, this statement was repeatedly aired by the Voice of America several times,” he said.

The ambassador therefore explained that his statement was in furtherance to this position as a Pan Africanist.

“I have been consistent all along. The misinterpretation of my message is therefore unfortunate and building as it amounts to questioning the impartiality of the continental body in South Sudan conflict.

In this connection I call upon all parties on (R-ARCSS) to put their hands together and accommodate one another in order to faithfully implement the remaining critical tasks of the (R-ARCSS).

Accomplishment of these tasks will usher in the formation of the R-TGoNU February 2020 something that the population are hearing and waiting.

“Let us walk the talk together,” he said.

African Union (AU), Inter Governmental Authority on Development IGAD and all relevant authorities remains committed to bringing sustainable peace in the country.

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