Parties told to respect provisions in agreement

By Mabor Riak magok

South Sudan Civil Society Organization Network Forum told principal parties to the agreement to respect the provisions in the Revitalized Peace Agreement signed in September 12th 2018 in the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa.

Speaking during the opening of the Civil Society Organization Network Forum on Wednesday in Lakes State, Chairperson of the Organization in Lakes region Mr. Hakim Cipuounyuc Awar said the main parties to the agreement should respect the provisions and dateline in the agreement.

“We are only left with the 32-days to the implementation date meanwhile the rest of the peace provisions are still not implemented. We urge the parties to the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of Conflict in South Sudan [R-ARCISS] to respect all the provisions signed by all the parties and the dateline set for the implementation,” said Awar.

He said, this peace agreement and its entire implementation is the only way to the lasting peace and security of the people of the republic of South Sudan.

“Everywhere is experiencing insecurity, like in some parts of Rumbek town of Maborngap residential areas, the insecurity is likely to resume because some of the unknown gunmen are used to confiscate phones, and other valuable properties more especially at night in the houses and also some night random shooting of people in their residential areas has largely resumed in the state capital,” said Awar.

Deng Meshack Manyuon, a resident of Akuac area in Rumbek town who participated in the CSOs forum noted that there was huge influx of armed Youth criminals around Rumbek.

“In fact, there is increase of insecurity in Akuac. It happened in my house where this group came at night nocking at the main gate of my compound and when I came at the gate to check who is knocking. They remained silent and after I left the gate for my bed room then they started knocking again, but decided to go back,” said Deng Meshack.

He said, these criminals carrying arms are always found in Akuac’s stream by the residents, they loot goats and properties.

However, the CSOs forum attended by over 40 participant was conducted in Rumbek civic engagement centre and it discussed general security situation and challenges, political events, genuine evaluation of the commitment of the peace partners to implement the R-ARCSS, CSOs position to R-ARCSS partners on the timely formation of the R-TGoNU and transformation agenda pledged by the Governor of Western Lakes State Mahmoud Solomon after four months down the line.



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