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Parties must inject fresh urgency into peace implementation- UNMISS Chief

By James Atem Kuir

The Special Representative of the United Nations Secretary General and head of United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS) urgedparties to the peace agreement to‘inject fresh urgency into the peace process’ to finalize critical areas of the deal that has been hit by delays inimplementation since 2019.

Nicolas Haysom who addressed the media at UNMISS base in Thongpinyon Wednesday,noted that the current pace ofpeace implementation has remained too slow and that there was risk of the wholeagreement becoming unsuccessful in addressing the aftermath of the war it ended in 2018.

“ I will highlight (to the UN Security Council next week)the commendable progress made by parties since the signing of the peace agreement, but also note the pace of implementation remains too slow. If this continues, there is risk that the viability of the broader agreement will come under threat, which is a concern raised by analysts and commentators recently,” he said.

“Put simply, there cannot be a “business as usual” approach. The parties to must inject fresh into the process and demonstrate a sustained, collective political will to finalize critical areas of the agreement. This includes the transitional security arrangements, legislation promoting financial and judicial reform, and constitution-making so that elections can be held,” he stressed.

The transitional government made up of representatives of the parties that signed the peace dealsigned in the Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa nearly four years ago, has several occasionsblamed delays in implementingcrucial tasks such as the security arrangements on lack of funds and difficulty in purchasing weapons to arm theunified forces waiting for graduation due to the UN imposed arms embargo.

The UNMISS Chief stressed thatthe peace parties needed to take concrete actions and show political will to complete the implementation remaining tasks of the agreement in order for international community and UN to play greater role in support to government and people of South Sudan.

“Concrete action in these areas will allow the international community and UNMISS to play an even greater role in provide support the government and people of South Sudan,” he added.

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