PARTIES-Discuss power sharing in States

By Manyuon Mayen Manyuon

The parties to the Revitalized Peace Agreement are discussing the power sharing at the States’ level.

The leaders from different political parties met on Monday to discuss the distribution of the power at the State, County levels.

Though the consensus was reached on the State governor’s allotment last month leading to the appointment of nine state governors and three administrators of the three administrative areas, other issues had remained sticky pending discussions from the revitalized government.  

These include the States’ ministerial portfolios, commissions, advisors and the States’ Members of Parliament (MPs) as required by the agreement.

Michael Makuei Lueth, the government spokesperson said in a statement to the State television that the parties were able to agree on some areas but further discussions would still be done this week.

He stated that all the efforts were geared towards expediting the implementation of the Revitalized Peace Agreement in letter and spirit.

“We discussed issues to do with the membership of the State’s legislatures, number of the ministries in the State and issues to do with the Deputy Governors, advisors and commissions,” he explained.

Makuei pointed out that other parties were yet to declare their interest to the resolution of the structures. He did not give further details.

The government spokesperson said that they will be able to sit today (Wednesday, the 29th to listen to the presentations and reaction from the parties on the agreed suggestions.

“We would come back as parties and sort the response on the recommendation on the issues which have already been discussed,” he said.

The Governors of Nine (9) States have been appointed except for Upper Nile State where the nominee has been rejected though Dr. Machar presented his nominee.

Dr. Machar has not yet decided on the fate of Upper Nile again after the President refused Johnson Olony.

Earlier this week, the SPLM-IO confirmed that it won’t submit the list of its nominees to be appointed as Members of Parliament if the current Parliament was not dissolved as the parties to the agreement are yet to reconstitute the parliament.

The parties to the agreement have also missed the IGAD deadline as they could not reconstitute the parliament by the 26th deadline.

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