Parties agrees on States power sharing

By Bullen Bala Alexander

The parties to the Revitalized Peace Agreement have finally agreed on responsibility of power sharing of the executive portfolios at the States level.

The leaders from different political parties announced after reaching the final consensus on Monday in Juba.

Speaking to press after signing the agreed document, Paul Mayom Akec the Minister of Interior and a member of SPLM-IG said they have agreed on the power sharing in the States level.

He said that the responsibility on power sharing includes the ministerial portfolios, States’ MPs, Commissions, County Commissioners, States Advisors, Chairpersons of specialized committees, Secretary Generals and executive directors, Mayors and deputy Mayors and other positions.

He said the governorship will remained as it was agreed before under the percentage of 55, 27, 10 and 8%.

“Only what has changed is the number of deputy Governors which has been distributed as follows; three for ITGoNU, three for South People’ Liberation Movement in Opposition (SPLM-IO), South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) one and Other Political Parties (OPP) shall have three.”

Advisors shall be five per state, 3 goes to ITGoNU, one for SPLM-IO and one for SSOA.

Ministers will be 17 per state 9 goes to ITGoNU, 5 for SPLM-IO, 2 for SSOA and one goes to OPP.

Chairpersons of commissions and the deputy’s total number will be 6 per state, 3 for ITGoNU, 2 for SPLM-IO, one for SSOA and 0ne OPP.

Members of commissions shall be 18 per state by which 10 goes to ITGoNU, 5 for SPLM-IO 2 for SSOA and 1 will be for OPP.

County commissioners 79 and County councils 35 per state, 19 will be for ITGoNU, 9 for SPLM-IO, 4 for SSOA, and 3 will go to OPP.

He revealed that the parties agreed that the total number of county councilor shall be 2,765, that is 35 per county and number shall be determined according to the counties in each state.

He said if county council is established, the specialized committee shall be shared.   

The responsibility of sharing the state legislative assembly in the ten states,Seven hundred and ten (710) to be shared.

Speakers and Deputy speakers will be 10 per state five (5) will be for ITGoNU, three (3) will be for SPLM-IO, one (1) for South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) and one (1) for Other Political Parties (OPP).

Chairperson of specialized committee and deputies shall be eight (8) per state and four (4) will go to ITGoNU, two (2) SPLM-IO, SSOA and OPP will take one each.

MPs (Government and OPP) shall be 51 per state 28 will go to ITGoNU, 14 For SPLM-IO, 5 for SSOA and 4 for OPP.

The parties further agreed that, the position of the Mayor and deputy Mayor fall within the competence of state government and will be dealt with at that level.

They also agree that the position of secretary general and executive director is civil servants position within competence of the state government.

According to the parties, there will be two chief whips per state one will be for ITGoNU and one for oppositions.

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