Parliaments up armed to curbs hiking prices of commodities

By Lodu William Odiya & William Madouk Garang

The National Parliament up arms against constant hiking of commodity prices in the market while the dollar rates remains constantly at the level for almost the last three months.

R-TNLA – MP. Paul Baba Ezibon Bafaa had tabled the motion on the alarming prices in the market across the country in which the members of August house had deliberated on and resolved to summon numbers of ministers.

The designed chairperson of Information Committee at R-TNLA, Paul Yoane Bonju said members had discovered that the country was in a continuous conflict and were not able to produce its own food.  

“What we discussed yesterday [Tuesday] is that our market is dominated by foreigners, if you see today in the food industry ninety five percent of our food is brought from Uganda,” Bonju said.

“Eritrean and the Ethiopian have taken the water industry and also taken the hotels, for Kenyans they have taken the banking system. So, south Sudanese are eventually left without nothing to do,” he added.

He cited that the house had summoned numbers of minster including the chamber of commerce and were expected to appear before the parliament before one week to update.

He said it was a threat to the south Sudanese because in any independent and sovereign country there were needs to be spoon fed.

“The food we are eating is substandard, it is not original food. Until we get up into our feet and cultivate, I don’t think whether really we call ourselves proudly as the people of this country, we need to produce food for ourselves.

Bonju said it was the government’s obligations to improve the standard of living of the youth but in twenty thirteen and twenty sixteen crisis, the little resources that government was to get to assist the young people have been shifted either to relief or to other activities.

He encouraged the south Sudanese to focus on food production in order to help themselves.

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