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Parliamentarians discuss Youth issues and policies

By Loduu William Odiya

South Sudan Youth Organization Coalition in partnership with Christian Agency for Peace and Development (CAPaD) through support from the Norwegian People’s Aid (NPA) conducted a one day workshop with parliamentarians with aim of discussing the youth’s policies which would be tabled in Parliament, 

This would ensure their enactment as enshrined in the Revitalized Agreement on the Resolution of Conflicts in South Sudan (R-ARCISS.

Addressing the media, the national coordinator for South Sudan Youth Organization coalition, Christine Kide said that the workshop was to create a platform of engagement with young parliamentarians and also create an opportunity for the youth to champion their agenda.

She revealed that youth were having a lot of policies and issues that were not resolved by the government.

“We know very well that the youth have a lot of policies that are pending and the parliament need to discuss them and make them laws but it has not been happening, but  we are having a parliament with a big number of youth members of parliament, we are very optimistic that after this conversation with them we shall be able to come up with the way forward on how we are going to strategize to ensure that youth policies are deliberated and tabled in parliament and also passed”, she said.

Kide added that a number of bills have been tabled in parliament and they were all pending.

She however, said that among the policies which were pending were south Sudan youth development policies that have been in parliament since two thousand and thirteen.

“We are hoping that this time around in the Revitalized transitional parliament, it is passed into law, and also we have the sports Bill which incorporates the sport and the youth bill which is a document that is still having a number of issues to be addressed.

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