Parliament urged to summon Airport director

By: Opio Jackson

The Executive Director of Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) Edmund Yakani has called on parliament to summon the director of Juba International Airport.

Speaking to Juba Monitor from Yambio yesterday, Yakani said the Director of Juba International Airport should explain why there has been many people loitering at the airport.

Yakani said Juba International Airport has been crowded with idle people loitering among the passengers. He said those people tend to be busy at the airport yet doing nothing.

According to Yakani, those idlers often rob people of their luggage as they pretend to be working at the airport.

He said domestic flight was completely not organized, “The director of the Juba International Airport should explain why the domestic fight is not organized. The passengers are always told to come very early in the morning at around 6 am and yet they are often in check at 11am.”

“Today I was travelling to Yambio and the airline told me to come at 6am but we were delayed up to 11 am then we were checked in for Yambio,” Yakani explained.

He said the Juba International Airport was completely not organized as it is always crowded with dirty-looking people pretending to be working at the airport.

He said the airport lack proper system for people with disabilities, “There is no one to care for people with disabilities at Juba International Airport. No one cares how people with disability get into the plane.”

“I have experienced where a disabled women lost her bag. Someone picked her bag yesterday claiming to be checking but later the person disappeared with the bag,” Yakani said. 

Attempts to reach the director of Juba International Airport for comment were futile by press time.

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