Parliament swears gov’t, SPLM-IO chief whips

By William Madouk Garang

The 2nd Deputy Speaker for Administration and Finance, Rt. Parmena Awerial Aluong yesterday notified the August house and confirmed government and SPLM-IO chief whipstopave way for the formation of specialized committee.

The nominated Chief whips by their political parties to Legislative Assembly were to oversee their party-members and perceived how they conduct themselves in relation to the chamber business as well as in their designed committees work.

In an ordinary sitting of Revitalized Transitional National Legislative Assembly (R-TNLA) on Wednesday, chaired by Rt. Aluong, members of parliament deliberated on motion tabled by Gasim Barnaba Kisanga on “serious side effect of medication of school girls in Ibba county of Western Equatoria state.”

But the assembly requested Gasim Barnaba Kisanga to conduct more research and collect data to understand what went wrong during adverse deworming tablets side effects in Ibba and be presented when the research was completed. 

Rt. Aluong said that government, SPLM-IO chief whips and other whips were by then put in place and added that some political parties were yet to submit their nominees to the Assembly.

“It’s for you to be notified that we have our two chief whips and whips to be confirm today as members of our assembly that is Rebecca Joshua Ockwaci (SPLM-IG) and Farouk Gatkuoth Kam (SPLM-IO),” Aluong said.

“Former detainees (FDs) have nominated Isaiah Hakim Garang as their whips, meanwhile other parties have not brought their whips so we shall wait for their whips and when they brought them you shall be notified,” he added.

He further mentioned that, since chief whips have been appointed, the SPLM-IG should call for caucus meeting among its members over 10 states to speed up with formation of specialized committees. 

“The SPLM chief whip have to call 10 caucuses meeting and form their caucuses and from there we would like the chief whips to tell caucuses to nominate their representatives such that we speed up with appointment of specialized committees,” he appealed.

Rt. Aluong said that SPLM-IO, National Agenda and Other Political Parties had already done their caucus formation and therefore urged SPLM-IG to speed up to enable the house to start its business.

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