Parliament postpones sitting over broken photocopier

By Rose Keji Benjamin

The third reading of National Budget slated for yesterday was postponed for today due to breakdown of the photocopying machine in the Parliament.

Speaking to Juba Monitor yesterday, the Chairperson for the Committee of Information and Communication, Paul Yoane Bonju said that the copies of the report of the Specialized Committee of Economy and Finance on the proposed budget, to be presented for the third reading were not produced enough since the photocopying machine broke down.

Bonju said the machine was meant to produce enough copies to be distributed to Members of Parliament. However, it broke down.

“They are working hard to repair it, hopefully tomorrow we shall resume the sitting,” said Bonju.

The members of the National Legislature including members of the TNLA and the lower house-Council of States were supposed to deliberate on the proposed budget for 2017-2018 in its third reading.

Earlier some members who were taken by surprise wondered how a house that debates on issues of finances for the National Government and the entire country could not foresee the need to have alternative working machines for such important national assignment.

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