Parliament gets 4500 new copies of conduct of business book

EU Ambassador Christian Bader handing over copies of the Conduct of Business regulation book

By James Atem Kuir

The European Union (EU) yesterday handed over4500 copies ofConduct of Business book that it had printed to be distributed to lawmakers in the two chambers of the national legislature.

In line with the 2018 peace deal, theTransitional National Legislative Assembly (R-TNLA) and the Council of States were reconstituted and their respective membership expanded to 550 and 100 to accommodate members of opposition parties signatory to the agreement.

The Conduct of Business regulations are laws that govern the activities of the parliament.

While handing over the printed texts to the lawmakers attending a three-day workshop on the role of parliament in permanent constitution-making at the Royal Palace Hotel on Thursday, the Head of the EU delegation to South Sudan Ambassador Christian Bader said the books will help the Speaker guide deliberations according to the regulations spelled out in the text.

“These books will at least help you (control discussions during sessions) such that it (quarrels) doesn’t get out of hand… you will have to deal with it (though especially when) people are watching it on TV (you decline to an MP a chance to talk) and they say he was right,” the EU ambassador said.

“We are happy to have been able, with the Max Planck Foundation, to produce this great book and wish you all the success implementing…4500 should be enough not only for you but the people coming after you,” he added.

Accepting the books yesterday, Deputy Speaker of the R-TNLA PermanaAwerialAluong thanked the EU for the donation.

“As you can see now, we will even give the ministers some copies of this book and also the states assemblies such that they know what we are doing. We will have to provide the state assemblies with some copies. This is very good work and thanks you, ambassador,” he said.

I would like to thank the European Union because it always contributes financial aid … I would t thank the ambassador for always coming and seeing us. You can see the conduct of business book, we were unable to produce that but they have now produced 4500. Those books will remain there for us to use.

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