Parliament demands urgent release of USD 3million allocated for students

By BullenBala Alexander

The lawmakers are demanding for an urgent release of the 3million US dollars meant for the South Sudanese students in government scholarship caught up in coronavirus affected countries.

Last month the High Level Taskforce on coronavirus allocated 3million US dollars to the students studying in the Covid-19 affected countries to cater for their needs during this crisis.

Yesterday, the committee on education research, science and technology at Transitional National Legislative Assembly summoned the Minister of High Education to explain why the money has not been released.

The chairperson of the committee on education research, science and technology at TNLA, Ahmed Mohamed Musa said out of that 3millon US dollars none of the money has been released to the authority.

He said South Sudanese are concerned about the conditions of their students studying in coronavirus affected countries especially countries like Ethiopia, Zimbabwe who have requested for each country to take their students after closing down the high institutions of learning.

“As the Minister briefed us that until today (Yesterday)  the ministry has not received any amount from the Ministry of Finance, we are saying that if the money is meant to help during COVID-19 crisis then it has to be released urgently because we need to respond to the crisis,” said Mohamed.

He said that they also discussed the issues of how government could help both private and government scholarship in those effected countries.

However, he said the first priority would be to those students who went under the government scholarship but not private.

“It is because the number of the private students are not clear, but if there is surplus than later those who went privately can be included,” Hon. Mohamed stated

Deny Jock Chagor the Minister of Higher Education, Science and Technology said the ministry only allocates 3m for the students who are on government scholarship in coronavirus affected countries.

“Yes, the money was allocated and approved but upto  now the money have not reached the Ministry of Higher Education neither taskforce,” Minister Jock said.

He said his team was working hard in order for the students in those affected countries to be helped as soon as possible.

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