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Parliament approves Committees Chairpersons and Deputies

The Transitional National Legislative Assembly (TNLA) members yesterday unanimously approved the new Chairpersons and Deputies of the standing specialized committees of parliament.

Anthony Lino Makana, Speaker of the TNLA issued an order of appointment of the Chairpersons and their deputies, before the members of parliament unanimously approved it.

This comes after the first appointments by Makana were revoked, following disagreement by political parties on the number of representation.

The dispute paralyzed operations in the parliament for months, before the SPLM caucus Chaired by President Kiir, resolved the issue.

Speaker Makana said the political parties agreed to increase the number of parliamentary committees from 18 to 25 in order to accommodate all parties in line with the signed peace agreement.

Speaker Makana said the new names were proposed and selected by the different political parties, and forwarded to the office of the speaker through their chief whips.

“This has been a transparent exercise,” Makana said. “All were done in a transparent and democratic exercise. You selected your people, and the people that you selected were the ones forwarded to the chief whips, and those are the ones that the chief whips scrutinized and forwarded to us,” he said.

He said, “for example if SPLM has 17 seats, the chief whips sent 17 names for chairpersons and 17 for deputies and the same for the other political parties.”

Makana also said the chief whips divided the committees among themselves, which was ‘very transparent.’

He said division of the specialized committees among the political parties was done by the chief whips of the different political parties, to ensure representation of all the political parties.

Makana warned the members of parliament who may not be happy by the appointment to refer their complaints to their political parties as the selections were done by the respective parties, not the speaker and his deputies.

Amongst those appointed are David Okwir Akuany, as the Chairperson of Committee of Security, Defense and Public order, deputized by Maker Thiong Maal. John Clement Kuc Achol, is appointed Chairperson of the Committee on Legislation and Justice, assisted by Gatluak Ruon Nyuot. Prof Bureng Nyombe appointed Chairperson of the Committee of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, deputized by Mary Nayrieka Lorjok.

For the committee of information, communication and technology, Paul Yoane Bonju is appointed Chairperson, deputized by Jiben Philip Ogyal. (See full list page 11)




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