Parking charges introduced in Juba

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Street parking charges have been introduced in Juba for the first time.

While parking in Juba town in front of Equity Bank a gentleman dressed in orange overall walked to the car.

Shy to identify himself, the man offered only five minutes, beyond which charges would apply.

“Sir, I have given you only five minutes and if you delay, I will charge you three hundred South Sudanese Pounds as parking fee”, said the unidentified man.

A parking receipt is offered to whoever pays the three hundred South Sudanese Pounds that guarantees parking by the road side for the all day.

Sam Atip welcomed the idea saying that it will reduce the cases of cars being broken in by unknown people.

“The idea of paying parking fee is good because, one will be sure of safety of valuables in the car”, said Sam.

Juba Monitor understands that the parking fee arrangement in Juba is being spearheaded by Capita Holding Limited.

Street parking charges are a common practice in developed countries and other developing nations.

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