Parents want schools to reopen next year

By Martha David

Some parents have suggested that schools should be reopening next year because of the narrow gab and the end of the academic year.

However last week the government ordered the Ministry of  Higher Education and General Education and Instruction to reopen schools as soon as possible after it has been closed for more than five months following the Covid-19 outbreak in the country.

In an exclusive interview with Juba Monitor, Roda Athanasius, a mother of four suggested that the   reopening of schools should have been pushed to next year.

She added that the economic crisis in the country has forced a lot of teachers to leave their profession, and some parents who cannot afford to feed their children.

“I think it should have been pushed because the market is high, feeding is a problem, even some teachers, the salaries are not enough, life has become hard,” she said.

Roda stated that most of the teachers now have left the profession because of the bad situation in the country, adding that it would have been better if it can be pushed to next year.

Meanwhile a father of three, Stanislaus Obedi, said it is important for the schools to reopen but worries how sure is the safety of the learning environment compared with the education system in the institutions.

He added that it will make no difference as long as the economic crisis has affected all sectors in the country and children staying idle at home create other problems.

“Well the economic crisis affected every sector in the country so it makes no difference for me, after all keeping those kids idle also creates a lot of problems to the families and the communities,” Obedi added.

He revealed that reopening of schools might ease some of the situations, but the economic crisis is the government responsibility.

Obedi explained that the safety of the children is a collective responsibility to make sure children wear masks, sanitize their hands and keep social distances.

Another mother of three Lillian Kadenya emphasized that the time is narrow for the children to go back to school.

She added that those children can be given some courses to push them up to next year to start officially.

“Nothing can be done, we want our children to be back to school, but I think if possible they should be given short courses up to next year,” Lillian added.

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