Parents urged to support talented children -Manu Brown

By Mandela Nelson Denis

Manu Brown, an arising female artist is one of the luckiest talented South Sudanese because of the support that she gets from her parents.

The Nineteen Year old singer is urging parents to support their talented children so that they can achieve their dreams and be whoever they wish in life.

For Manu who has seen so many of her talented friends being denied the chance to practice their God given talent,with the appeal the singer hopes that parents who are supporting their children can start doing so.

Manu is happy because her parents pay for studio fees which costs about fifteen Thousand South Sudanese pounds for one song and this is what she wants to see happening to other talented children in the country.

“I am lucky because my parents have stood by my side in my talent, they have believed in me, the money for recording my songs is given to me by my parents and this is what I want to see other talented children enjoying,’ said Manu.

There is a lot of money in the talent industry and Manu believes that if children with various talents are supported they can help their parents financially.

Though South Sudan’s music industry is not paying much, Manu revealed that she has made some money from singing in day show events around Juba city.

“Parents should not force their children to study what they don’t like, if your child is a footballer or dancer support him or her in anyway because later the proceeds from their talents will support you,” Manu said.

Manu Brown broke to the music scene with collaboration that she did with jimmy De Talented and from then she has never looked back and with support from the parents she has done songs.

We need peace, I am sorry and boy lover are some of the songs Manu has participated in.

Being with her parents, Manu Brown only performs for Day time events and avoids night gigs so as not to get into troubles.


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