Parents urged to send children to school in Yei

By Hassan Arun Cosmas

Teachers in Yei River County of Central Equatoria State are appealing parents to send their children to school as learning institutions have reopened.

Speaking to the media  First Deputy Director for Administration in Yei Day Secondary School Latiyu Emmanuel Noel   told  parents that the children have been with them throughout the festive season.

He encourages the students to concentrate on studies and directs parents and guidance to pay the school fees for smooth running of the school.

“As the schools reopen, let the parents send their children back to school, the children have been with them throughout the festive season, they protected them so let them send the children back to school as they resumed on Monday and those who already reopened, let them send children to school to concentrate on their learning and the little money they have they should not spend rather to support the school so that they pay development money for the smooth operation of the school”, he stresses.

Latiyu advises parents to educate their children concerning the preventive measures of covid-19 because it is real.

The deputy director for administration cites the challenges of delayed payment of teachers’ salary and devaluation of the currency that makes some teachers to quite the teaching profession.

He calls on the government to carter for teachers in order to remain in the teaching field and serve the nation.

“Amidst covid-19 pandemic, let the parents inform children that covid-19 is real and they need to take the measures seriously like hand washing, wearing mask and no hand shaking and etc. so that we can minimize the dangers of covid-19, and we shouldn’t joke. As teachers, there are many challenges facing teachers mostly the money has lost value and sometimes there is delay in payment which is making some of the teachers to leave”, he complains.

He urges the government to look into these issues so the process of learning is not interfered with.

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